Grow your wealth!
Why Invest in Fancy Coloured Diamonds?

Diversification is the key to wealth management. Financial Analysts will agree that hard assets should be part of your investment portfolio.  As leaders in the coloured diamond industry, Pavilion Diamonds International has realized much higher returns with Natural Coloured Diamonds than any other asset.

Since they began to keep records in 1960 Natural Coloured Diamonds have achieved returns averaging 14.47 % per year. Previously they were only accessible to the elite but over the past few years, the consumer market has become more educated with the high returns and now the demand is greater than ever!


Fancy Coloured Diamonds are affordable – you can quickly build your wealth without any risk

Hold Value

Fancy Coloured Diamonds have never gone down in value during a recession

High International Demand

As supply dwindles the asset continues to appreciate outpacing other hard assets in its class

Value Rising

Fancy Coloured Diamonds are not dependant on the financial markets. Even during a downturn in the economy the value of Natural Colour Diamonds continues to rise

Flexible Investment Options

Fancy Coloured Diamonds can be used for short, mid and long term investment

Tangible & Portable

Coloured diamonds are always in demand regardless of the economic climate

Can I afford to invest?

Investing in Argyle Pink Diamonds is not just for the wealthy or for celebrities.

Investing in Fancy Coloured Diamonds and in particular Argyle Pink Diamonds is a safe haven. People looking to purchase Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds are not looking for a jewellery piece. They are looking for a long term wealth investment.

Diversifying your investment portfolio is the key to success. Outside of financial stocks and real estate, you should consider alternative investments such as in  Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds. These hard assets have been appreciating in value since the 1960’s. The longer you hold on to them the greater they’re value. It’s a portable asset that hedges against economic downturns that affect the financial markets.