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The GIA developed the D-to-Z colour grading scale 50 years ago to show the range of colour that a diamond has. D represents the colourless spectrum; while the opposite side of the spectrum is Z which represents the light colour end.

Attributes to Fancy Coloured Diamonds

When it comes to Fancy Coloured Diamonds (FCDs)  there are added complexities and attributes that determine its value. However colour is a dominate value factor.

Three Attributes to Determine Colour for FCDs are:

  1. Tone – Lightness to Darkness
  2. Saturation – Weak to Strong
  3. Hue – Colour

By added these attributes into the 4Cs you can locate the colour in the order system.

Diamond Saturation

Diamond saturation tells you how deep the colour is ― the more vivid the colour, the higher in value. However, not all Fancy Colour Diamonds can follow this correlation. Some diamonds just don’t have this full spectrum.  Experts like Pavilion Diamonds International can teach you more about this so you make the best investment choice.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds come in every colour possible! Each colour and its nuances are made up of different components that make it truly unique.

The rarer the coloured diamond is, the higher it is in value.

Most Rare

  • Reds
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange

Very Rare

  • Pink
  • Blue

Less Rare

  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White

Fancy Colour Diamonds will naturally have graining to them. They generally will not be as clear as a colour-less diamond. However, a low clarity FCD can still be highly sought after. As long as these FCDs have an exquisite face-up colour, they will be in high demand!   


Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds are unique with graining to show its colours. If your intent is to turn your loose diamond investment into jewellery, then the right type of cut (size and shape) will make all the difference in the value of your Fancy Coloured Diamond.

Light plays a major factor in how intense a colour comes across. You want the light to travel as far as possible to get the richest colour. The light will travel further in a larger diamond than a smaller diamond. So cut becomes an import attribute in determining the value of a polished diamond.

Choosing the right type of cut will increase the diamond’s value. A good cut can bring out the colour of a diamond and increase its price per carat.

Pavilion Diamonds International is well versed in converting loose natural coloured diamonds into jewellery. We will pair you with the right diamond setter who will do it at a fraction of the cost. Therefore you can make maximum profits on your investment.


The carat is the weight of the diamond. The bigger the diamond the rarer it is. However, when it comes to investing in loose natural coloured diamonds, it’s better to diversify your portfolio. Hold more variety to ensure that you maximize your short and medium term returns.