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Services & Fees

At Pavilion Diamonds International our goal is to grow your Natural Fancy coloured Diamond portfolio. We monitor the markets and the diamond prices to ensure that you get the most return on your Fancy Coloured Diamond (FCD) investment. We do not mark up the prices or charge you a commission when you buy a diamond from us ― we provide the very best service and value to our clients.

We are there through every stage. We offer advice, manage your portfolio and procure the diamonds. After your purchase, your diamond is delivered to you through a bonded and insured third party courier. Minimizing all your risks during transportation!

Alternatively, you can choose to have your diamond at a safekeeping facility. We will arrange a  secure storage facility with surveillance and continuous monitoring.

The certification of your diamonds from a gemological agency such as GIA, EGL or Argyle will be with your Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds (FCDs).

As an added service we also offer payment plans to secure the current price of Natural Fancy coloured diamonds. Pavilion Diamonds International is here to help you realize your investment returns faster!

The only time we charge you commission is when we resell your holdings, a 5% fee. We accept payments by a certified bank draft, wire transfer or credit card ( Visa, MasterCard and American Express).