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Our Committment

Our mission at Pavilion Diamonds International is to grow our client’s overall wealth by adding natural Coloured Diamonds to their portfolio.  Natural Coloured Diamonds are an appreciating asset, and have demonstrated higher returns than any other hard asset investment over the last ten years. As leaders in this field, our clients will be able to realize the highest possible returns on their investment.

Pavilion Diamonds International provides best-in-class services. We advise our clients on the best available opportunities in the natural coloured diamond market.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds are nature’s masterpieces. Each one unique, rare and valuable.  It is our mission to help our clients grow their personal wealth and diversify their holdings with natural coloured diamonds.

Company History

Pavilion Diamond International is an asset management company that sources Fancy Colour Diamonds.  We specialize in sourcing, ethical pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia. The Argyle Pink Diamonds are extremely scarce. These brilliant high quality diamonds are in high demand.

These high growth assets provide a high return on investment. On average they have increased in value anywhere between 14.9% – 25% per year.

“Prices of Argyle pink diamonds greater than 0.15 carats have seen, on average, sustained double digit growth for the past 12 years.” Alan Davies, Rio Tinto (Source: http://www.executivestyle.com.au/the-worlds-rarest-reds-on-sale-at-the-annual-argyle-pink-diamonds-tender-gi185f#ixzz4Lxb0XVvJ)

We’re here to assist you with your investment strategy. Purchasing the right size and type of Fancy Coloured Diamonds to ensure that you grow your wealth for many generations to come.


Pavilion Diamonds International is a Canadian leader in sourcing  Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds for investment. Our Team has extensive experience. We’re here to diversify your existing asset portfolio.  We have a proven track record of increasing our clients’ long term wealth through the investment of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

In particular, we feel that Argyle Pink Diamonds will offer you the highest return on investment. It’s an appreciating hard asset. With the supply being at its all time low it is guaranteed to increase in value. It provides a much greater returns than a traditional financial stock.

Source: http://gemresearch.ch/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/PINK-DIAMONDS-for-ICA-32-41-pink-Gemologypdf-2.pdf

Our Investment Strategy

Building wealth through natural coloured diamonds is achievable.  At Pavilion Diamonds International we have extensive experience in developing sound strategies tailored to our individual clients needs.

As your trusted advisor, we have our pulse on market trends and international diamond prices. Our strategy is to build a portfolio that gives you the largest short and mid-term gains ― selling certain holdings at the right time and replacing them with others that can give you more profits.

Pavilion Diamonds International has buying power. We can purchase large volumes of diamonds, in short, you get your diamonds at below market value.

To ensure that you get the maximum return; we suggest that you purchase Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds that range in size from 0.15 ct to 2.5 ct. Your budget and your investment strategy will determine the size and the colour we recommend.

To minimize risks, we suggest that you build a collection versus holding it all on one stone. It’s more sensible to stretch your investment dollars over several natural fancy coloured diamonds and among different sizes.  In other words, if you have $250,000 to invest, then spread your investment over 10 diamonds at $25,00 each versus one at $250,000. Each diamond will appreciate at a different rate. As a collective they’ll have a greater potential of yielding more gains over the term you carry your diamonds.

We also recommend that all the investment diamonds be graded and certified by an international authority such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) but not limited to just this body.  Having a certified diamond makes it easier to resell when you’re ready.

If you choose to turn your loose diamond investment into jewellery, we can bridge those connections for you.  With our existing relationships, we can transform an investment into jewellery at a much lower price point and arrange auctions for resell.

Pavilion Diamonds International is there every step of the way to ensure you gain maximum profits on your investment!