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History of the Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Diamond Mine is owned and operated by Rio Tinto. Located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, Argyle Diamond Mine sits in a Volcanic Pipe.

The diamonds found in the Argyle Volcanic Pipe date back to 1.58 billion years of age. Compared to other diamonds, these diamonds in the Argyle region had much less time to form (approximately 400 million years). Due to the compressed time, these diamonds display rare and unusual characteristics.

The Argyle Diamond Mine is the fourth largest diamond producing mine in the world. It’s the most reliable source of pink diamonds. The mine produces 90% of the pink diamonds in the world.

Even though Argyle has the largest diamond output, you must understand that not all diamonds are created equal. Most of the diamonds produced are for industrial use such as in drill bits and saw blades. Out of this mass, less than 1% is made up of pink diamonds.

They suggest that 1 in 10,000 diamonds are actually of gem quality.